The Lakemont Torpedoes Swim Team

The Torpedoes swim team competes in the Tarheel Swimming Association each summer. Swimming is a fantastic team sport and a great way for kids to stay healthy while making lifelong friends. There are so many benefits to participating with the Torpedoes:

Anyone can do it!  – All they need is a desire to work hard and learn. An added bonus is swimming can be a lifelong and useful life skill.

It’s social – Swim teams are a great and easy way to make friends with kids that train with you every day. These are long term lasting friendships that share a common goal!

Fitness – Swimming improves overall fitness. It is much easier on the child’s joints than higher impact sports. Swimming also builds muscle and endurance to prevent childhood obesity.

Self Esteem – On our team everyone’s a winner at different levels with ribbons, and awards at the end of the season. The feeling of accomplishment to get to the other side of the pool while people are cheering for you is an amazing feeling to a child who is working so hard to compete. They reach levels of unbelievable proportion and leave with such a sense of accomplishment.

The Torpedoes swim team teaches children about setting benchmarks, seeking improvement and striving for a level of perfection every time they get into the water, no matter how they get across that pool. Our experience has shown us that swimming increases levels of self esteem – increasing confidence and lowering stress levels.

In addition to our swim team which starts as young as 5 years old we offer a pre-swim program geared to the younger swimmer just starting out.

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